UC Merced Long Range Development Plan


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About the Plan

The University of California, Merced, Long-Range Development Plan is a comprehensive physical development document and land-use plan that will serve as a guide for future growth of the new Merced campus. The LRDP identifies the physical development needed to achieve the mission, academic goals and objectives of the campus -- and provides a map to direct the siting of future campus facilities. The 2002 LRDP has served as the guiding document for the successful development of the first phase of the campus. However, recent changes in permitting subsequent phases of development will require an update of the LRDP. This Web site serves as a portal in providing public information on the process of updating the LRDP.

The LRDP Update

Early architectural of a campus buildingIn fall 2005, campus planners began the process of revising the Long-Range Development Plan in response to federal permitting requirements that would allow the continued development of the campus. Over the past several months, the Office of Physical Planning Design and Construction has been working with various stakeholder groups through workshops, presentations and forums designed to disseminate and gather information needed to inform the plan. Scheduled to be completed in the early part of 2009, the LRDP update process is well under way. The guiding document will be used for shaping the physical development of California’s 10th University of California campus.